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CORRECTION We will be closing at 12 noon today. Have a great weekend!
*****CLOSING @ 12:30***** GOOD FRIDAY to you all and Have a wonderful Easter Weekend.
I have a feeling the shop door will be wide open today...Yippie! Remember...NO,Taco Salad tomorrow. In observance of Good Friday our hours will be (7:30 - 12:30).
Happy Hump Day! Make note that this Friday we will only be open for a half day in honor of Good Friday. That's means no Taco Salad :( Today: BROCCOLI & CHEESE SOUP
Circle City Coffee Shop ~ (1/1/14 - Present)Our Fiends and Friends......
April showers are suppose to bring May flowers, NOT SNOW! To help keep you warm we have plenty of FRESH BREWED COFFEE, HOT CHOCOLATE, LATTES and more. Also, BEEF STEW.
Sometimes Monday is not my friend. But, coffee will help me. Have a great week everyone Today: BEEF & BARLEY SOUP
FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYYY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! Let TACO SALAD FRIDAY make for a great day. Enjoy your weekend...
This day is already amazing because not only is the front door already open but someone posted this amazing flyer in the elevator. The tags have the lyrics of the song. Brilliant....brilliant. Today: BEEF & BARLEY SOUP
Happy Hump Day! Today: CHICKEN GUMBO SOUP