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I'm heading on vacation for 1 week. Gwen and Alison will take good care of you while I'm gone. Please see adjusted hours for next week. Sorry, for any inconvenience.. *****************VACATION SHOP HOURS*****************************
This weekend is an awesome and fun charity event that our good friend Doug is putting on. Also, Circle City Band will be performing. So, go to the Rathskeller Beer Gardens drink, be merry, Dance and be part of a great cause.
Wow, what a crazy busy week....Happy TACO SALAD FRIDAY! This group of guys from BlowHard Fans had a meeting here the other day. They're in town for the Firemen's Convention. Enjoy Indy guys.
Look at these 2 mugs....Coffee Mugs....LOL Today: WISCONSIN CHEESE SOUP
It's turning out to be an awesome day.... Today: WISCONSIN CHEESE SOUP
It's chilly but at least the sun is back.... :) Today: CHICKEN ENCHILADA SOUP
"Peeps for Weed" it's 4/20 time downtown.....
I really do try to like you Monday, but it's just not that easy..... I'm going to have some COFFEE and re-evaluate our relationship. Today: CREAMY POTATO BACON SOUP
It's that's magical day of the week when you can yell out, "TACO SALAD FRIDAY....FRIDAY, FRIDAY....TACO SALAD FRIDAY" Have a great weekend :)
I don't just WANT COFFEE.....I NEED COFFEE!. Today: Beef Stew