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Race weekend is upon us and Memorial Weekend is here....YIPPIE! TODAY (5/22) we will be CLOSING at NOON and due to closing early there will be NO TACO SALAD. CLOSED ON MONDAY ( 5/25). Enjoy your holiday weekend and see you on Tuesday. :)
If you want an awesome hair salon "experience" look no further. My stylist, Josh, and his friend, Maggie, have just opened their own salon (EXPERIENCE ~ A HAIR SPA) on the south side. They are both very "experienced" at their craft and Josh always just amazes me with his hair coloring skills. Please check their salon out and tell them Chris from the Shop sent ya. You WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.
Happy Hump Day & Farmers Market Day. Come by and get a hot beverage to help keep you warm.. Today: WISCONSIN CHEESE SOUP
Yikes! I'm going to need some extra coffee for this Monday. Have a great week everyone. Today: BROCCOLI & CHEESE SOUP
Just a few of our fun customers....
It's that magical day of the week....TACO SALAD FRIDAY! Have a great weekend. :)
Our Barista, Gwen, has been with us for 1 year :) She does a wonderful job and we appreciate all that she does. Thanks, Gwen and Happy 1st :)
Happy Friday Eve....LOL Today: CHICKEN GUMBO SOUP
Happy Hump Day & Farmers Market Day :) Enjoy the day :)
Top O the Mornin....(Coffee) Cheers! We're making it a BEEF STEW TUESDAY. Have a great day