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One day closer to Friday folks :) Remember we have some AMAZING oatmeal that's filling, just add hot water and devour. Today: CREAMY POTATO BACON SOUP
Happy Rainy Hump Day! Hopefully, they'll be some sun peeking through for the Farmers Market. Here is a picture of a "Cup O Cheer" with a side of flowers. Today: CREAMY POTATO BACON SOUP
Whelp! we're back to summer weather...It is July after all. We've got plenty of beverage options to help keep you cool and refreshed. Today: BROCCOLI & CHEESE SOUP
Not only did Angie come by for her smoothie, but a surprise visit from Danielle happened at the same time......BONUS!
It's every bit of a Monday! BUT, we have fresh COFFEE & DONUTS...that'll put a smile on your face :) Have a great week everyone. Today: BROCCOLI & CHEESE SOUP
FRIDAY!, FRIDAY! TACO SALAD.....FRIDAY! Have a great weekend everyone :)
Here is a group of our morning gals.... :) Love them.
Just some of our wonderful regulars..... :)
It's going to be a repeat of another awesome day. Go out and enjoy it if you can. :) Today: CHICKEN ENCHILADA SOUP
Talk about a perfect Hump Day.....The door is wide open, it's going to be in the 70's and it's Farmers Market Day. Make sure to swing by and get your favorite beverage as you head to the market or where ever this day may take you. :) Today: WISCONSIN CHEESE SOUP